Conveyor Belts – Lightweight

At ContiTech, we are committed to the highest quality conveyor belts in the industry. Our lightweight conveyor belt plant, located in Spring Hope, North Carolina, has achieved ISO 9001-2000 certification by NSFISF. The ISO 9001-2000 system sets a higher standard and assures that we satisfy our customers' requirements through continuous improvement of product and process quality.

Our manufacturing process is integrated and unique to the lightweight belting industry. Our innovative approach begins with our fully equipped laboratory and testing facilities in Spring Hope, North Carolina and our technical center in Marysville, Ohio.

Our leading-edge belt-making machinery is designed completely in-house, undergoing continuous development and improvement. All of our compounds are prepared on-site to ensure quality and performance over a wide varity of applications.

Because we manufacture your belt from start to finish, we can monitor progress every step of the way. That translates to added versatility and flexibility, allowing us to make changes quickly and efficiently. We are constantly developing new solutions to ensure that you get the best possible product on the market today.

Our warehouse is organized to handle all functions, from shipping and receiving to packaging and storage. Our short leadtimes on all products help distributors exceed customer requirements as well as maximize inventory dollars.



Conveyor Belts – Lightweight Introduction

Spring Hope, NC