Smart Line Solutions with Electronic Sensors

North American Commercial Vehicle Show

Atlanta, September 2017Continental develops and manufactures extremely reliable hydro formed stainless-steel turbocharger return lines • High-temperature rubber compounds suitable for all media • New end-formed line variants render expensive and fragile brazed connections obsolete

Continental develops and manufactures smart line solutions for trucks of the future supporting Total Cost of Ownership in the complete supply chain. Its newest lines are fitted with electronic sensors, and conventional assemblies made of varying materials such as polyamide, coated steel, stainless-steel, aluminum and reinforced natural rubber. Continental is going well beyond vulcanized rubber.

Smart Line Solutions with Electronic Sensors

The corrugated tubing of the return line is significantly cheaper and takes up less space than the previous silicone hoses crimped on a steel tube.

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Among the highlights showcased at the North American Commercial Vehicle Show in Atlanta are cost effective hydroformed stainless-steel turbocharger return lines that are extremely reliable and offer high temperature resistance. This enables the previous silicone hoses crimped on a steel tube to be replaced by corrugated tubing that has similar mechanical properties. Not only does the hydroformed, thin-wall, stainless-steel tube enable reduced costs than the previous hose solution, it also shortens the production process, lowers weight, offers flexibility during installation and compensates for vibration in operation.

Continental has also developed high-temperature rubber compounds as an alternative to expensive PTFE steel braided designs that are suitable for all media. Several new end-formed line variants, which render expensive and fragile brazed connections obsolete, are also on display at the show. Other items exhibited: robust rotary joints for reducing service and installation times, inexpensive pre-formed polyamide lines for coolant water, fuel and other media, and high-pressure lines with quick connectors. “All of our lines are manufactured locally in North America,” emphasizes Rene Dubois, North America Sales Manager Engine and Drivetrain at Continental’s Business Unit ContiTech Mobile Fluid Systems.


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