Leading Innovation in Rubber Track Products,

Continental’s Trackman Celebrates 20th Anniversary

TULARE, Calif., Feb. 14, 2017Trackman’s recent achievements and storied past punctuate focus on innovation • Continued emphasis on understanding farmer needs drives latest offering

Trackman, the Continental brand name that has become synonymous with rubber track products, is celebrating its 20-year anniversary this year.

“Trackman has been a world-leading brand of rubber tracks for the agricultural and construction sectors since 1997,” said Rob Schultz, product manager for rubber tracks.

Leading Innovation in Rubber Track Products, Continental’s Trackman Celebrates 20th Anniversary

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First developed and manufactured at Continental’s plant in St. Marys, Ohio, Trackman’s introduction was the debut of a number of innovative products to the agricultural world that changed the way the industries approached their jobs. “With input and consultation from experts in the field – the farmers – we have a unique edge that drives our engineering. Beginning with the friction drive track, twenty years ago.,” said Schultz. “Still to this day, Trackman is continually building on its legacy, with our positive drive track, and now, the polyurethane wheel.”

Trackman development began in 1987 and the first prototype track was produced in 1991 at St. Marys, Ohio. Anticipating the demand for the product, the plant expanded its capacity, added additional equipment and continued the growth process even to the present. In 1997, machines specifically dedicated to special customers began producing Trackman rubber tracks. That drove the development of the Positive Drive Rubber Track.

“We are very proud of the achievements, progress and innovation of Trackman,” said Schultz. “Trackman has proven itself as a thought-leader, and we vow to continue supplying our customers and their industries with the most cost-effective rubber track solutions in the world.”


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